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In New Zealand Migrant and refugee population is on the increase. Its is estimated that over 1000 refugees enter New Zealand each month and 69,000 entered New Zealand as immigrants annually - year ending February 2018.

At IWI we recognize that Migrate and refugees usually seek to make New Zealand their home, participate sufficiently and contribute to all aspects of New Zealand life. We also recognize that the road to integrating into New Zealand society is not always easy, especially for women. This is where “IWI refugee and migrant progress Network comes in!

This network is built to help Migrant and refugee women integrate into New Zealand society and participate in the success and legacy that Aotearoa New Zealand Women make every day.

Five areas of focus:


Working-age migrants have work opportunities published exclusively to them that match their skills and qualification.


Offers for training and educational programs that benefit women in all aspects of integration will be delivered for women. As well as opportunities such as scholarships, courses, and programs in which they can attend/apply for.

English Language

In this part, we aim to help women to become more confident in using English in their daily lives. This will be by opportunities to attend English classes, online courses, programs, as well as tips for learning a new language in a short amount of time.

Integration of New Zealand life

By showcasing and informing Women in our Network about what New Zealand life has to offer including events, workshops, exhibitions and more. we aim to increase Migrant and refugee Women participation and increase their sense of belonging to their community and to New Zealand.

Health and Well being

Every refugee and Migrant women want to enjoy healthy lives and feel confident and safe. Through our network, we will inform women about the information they need to keep their lives healthy and safe.

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