IWI women education, orphans support, and widows support

At IWI We work hard to help girls and women from around the world.

Our aim is to ensure that we give a hand to those in need, who must get the resource required for better life such as food, clean water, a safe secure shelter, and education.

We are very excited to announce that Integrate Women International now in partnership with Mahboba’s Promise proudly sponsored 39 young girls, orphans and widows in Afghanistan for the following projects:

Girls' education: The girls' education program provides girls aged 6-10 years old with all the necessary resources and financial support required to attend school. These resources include stationary, notebooks, transportation costs, school uniforms and more. As safety for girls is a big concern in Afghanistan, a portion of the sponsorship ensures each girl is receiving her education in a safe and secure environment.

Orphan girls sponsorship: Mahboba's Promise currently runs 4 Hope Houses (orphanages) for children whose parents are unable to support them or have unfortunately passed away. This Sponsorship program provides these disadvantaged girls with a secure home, an education, nutritious food, clothing and each house also runs many more extra-curricular activities, such as Taekwondo.

Widow Sponsorship: Widows are considered the most disadvantaged group in Afghanistan. These women have lost their husbands, who were usually the sole provider of the family, and are often left with several children to support. Lacking skills and training required to enter the workforce, these women often struggle to feed their families. This program aims to provide these women with the tools required to enter the workforce and generate an income. Mahboba's Promise does this through ensuring widows have nutritious food for their families, offer training courses (Midwifery training, handicraft training, Permaculture training, etc) and other resources such as sewing machines. In many ways, this program is the most vital of all our programs; when you educate a woman, you are educating an entire generation. It is crucial that these women are given the opportunity to earn income to support their children and ensure they are given as many opportunities as possible in life.

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