At IWI we offer mentoring, support and advice on personal issues/ strugles and or career paths, Personal and community development workshops, seminars, programs and opportunities to  empower yourself and grow your skills and to develop your community, as well as engaging in National and International humanitarian project opportunities establsihed and run by IWI.


IWI focuses on assisting women to reach their full potential and integrate into society.



We will host different events with different aims to inspire, connect and support women nationally and internationally.




Through our seminars, workshops, programs, media projects and courses we will endeavour to assist  women with the skills they may  require and provide the necessary  knowledge needed to tackle issues they may face  in order to develop themselves further. The primary focus will be on developing women's psychological,, social, and physical wellbeing. 




Through IWI’s national and international projects we aim to help, support, facilitate and equip Women and their communities as well as raising global awareness on issues women and their communities face.



At IWI we work as a  family to deliver the best help for all women. Women from different countries and from all walks of life will be given opportunities to connect and have a voice on matters that relate to women's development and assist on humanitarian  projects.


Using IWI platforms we will devise ideas and action plans to assist women in realising their full potential as members of society irrespective of the communitires and countries that belong in. IWI leaders, board of directors, board of advisors, managers, global ambassadors and volunteers are all passionate about this cause.

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