IWI promotes the engagement of women in creating a society that is safe, just and stable for all women; where the rights of women are promoted, protected, valued and respected. IWI hopes to create opportunities to assist women to develop themselves and their respective communities.


The word “Integrate” emphasises that women don’t need to assimilate but rather to integrate into different societies, whilst retaining their unique identities and staying true to their identities and who they are.


IWI was established by Shahed Abu Jwaied  on the 6th of November 2017.



“For as long as Shahed remembers she has always dreamed of changing this world.  She realised that some of us are lucky to have a place in which we call home, a safe, stable home, she knew this isn't a reality to many  across the world. She sees this world as a world with good to some, but harsh to many who live in War, inequality, poverty and injustice, and she wanted to change that. 


"one thing that kept this dream alive is that I would ask God to not exchange me but rather use me to help people, I waited for a miracle to help me do this as my young age of 20 was seen to be a barrier.


 She woke up on the 20th of October 2017 to decide that this long living dream must become a reality. There are too many people in this world that need our hand. After long hard work and determination, this brought me to establish IWI. Shahed got together a group of experts who are interested in this initiative to begin her lifelong dream to help women and their societies by creating an international platform where women can connect, network, share ideas and collaborate on projects that  are of benefit to women and their communities across the globe. 



"The reason why I decided to specify in women because I believe that women are the foundation of society If the foundation is strong, society will be strong, By strength, I mean equality, equity, respect and dignity for all”.




“Through my work and education, unfortunately, I have seen many women who don’t believe that they are “worthy”. They truly believe that they are powerless. I strongly believe that every woman is unique, and has true, pure power in her. I want women to know that no one can make her feel this way, nor take her power from her without her consent. Through IWI, I want to help Women understand themselves and develop their skills, I want to give women the support and opportunities needed to strive and find their inner powers. I want to see a society that is just and stable for women. Where women can serve there unique purpose, challenge injustice and fight for her god given rights. It's only when this is achieved we will see a very strong thriving future for all. Behind every great woman is a tribe of great people.I look forward to building this future with IWI family”.

Shahed Abu jwaied




IWI is made up of ambitious leaders, dedicated board of trustees, knowledgeable board of advisors, determined managers, inspiring global ambassadors and committed passionate volunteers. IWI is open

for enrolment and participation to women from all communities across countries in the world.



Shahed Abu Jwaied 

Founder, BOT & CEO of IWI

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