Integrate Women International” (IWI) is an organization which promotes the participation of women in all spheres of social, economic, cultural, and political life on the basis of dignity, equity, and equality.


It is envisaged that women, through IWI can share and seek opportunities for mentoring other women, hosting and facilitating personal development workshops or seminars, offering emotional support, networking with wider women groups or organisations with similar aims and programmes, fostering collaboration  with each other, and developing regional, national and international projects that support and empower women and provide intervention  on humanitarian causes that affect us as a collective group.


IWI plans to initially concentrate our efforts in New Zealand whilst creating an international platform. Thereafter we plan to expand to various countries around the world.  

By the end of 2019 we aim to bring on board 50 ambassadors who will champion and represent IWI and what it stands for with the women in their own hometowns and ultimately represent the voice of women in the countries in which they are based.


On the humanitarian front IWI hopes  to connect advantaged women with disadvantaged women to support and create project opportunities that will benefit these women and their communities.


IWI values diversity and is aimed at helping who ever is in need. We are an organisation for all women and communities. our work is based on Islamic values and principles.

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